As seen in the Tried & True Spring 2020 issue

Constantly striving for innovation involves more than developing new products on the market. It also means frequently reviewing current processes and analyzing what improvements should be made in all areas of business. For Fratco, the most recent update comes in the form of streamlined communication with customers.

By leveraging a delivery management platform, Fratco now offers a seamless delivery tracking experience which allows customers to receive updates in real time directly to their phones. Additionally, customers can place a pin on a map to precisely indicate where they need their order dropped off as well as easily communicate with Fratco drivers and dispatchers via phone call or text message.

“Top-notch customer service is something we really pride ourselves on,” said Chris Overmyer, President and CEO of Fratco. “We’re always looking for new ways of doing things or methods to improve existing processes. Our goal with incorporating delivery tracking is to further open the lines of communication and make things easier for our customers so we can help them continue to be efficient.”

The convenience of this service is further emphasized by the fact that customers of Fratco will not need to sign up or download any additional apps on their smartphones to opt into this service. Once they place an order, they will automatically be enrolled in mobile delivery communications, receiving text alerts about the status of their delivery. They will also be texted a link where they can track their delivery driver throughout the journey. For customers, this means there’s no more time wasted guessing when or where the driver will show up to drop off the delivery, allowing them to focus on other necessary tasks while Fratco handles the rest.