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You need long-term solutions for drainage: that’s the simple truth. What shouldn’t be simple is how your pipe is constructed, the material it’s crafted from or the way it withstands the most unforgiving of environments. You need pipe that lasts, so choose the right product from the very beginning. 

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We are leaders in the drainage industry who create technologically advanced products built to last. The science and engineering behind our pipe give our

products the flexibility to go wherever your project might take it. From agricultural needs to commercial construction, we have solutions that will deliver superior results. With Fratco, you’ll find that precise engineering and attention to detail are instilled in all our processes. We believe dependable, long-term performance isn’t too much to ask for when investing in a drainage system. The bottom line? You are looking for pipe that delivers reliable results – and that’s exactly what we provide.


Single-wall pipe that offers both durability and flexibility. Available in the widest range of sizes on the market, you’ll be able to find the perfect fit for your project’s demands. Learn More

Single-wall, recycled pipe for less-demanding projects, including recreational facilities and residential jobs. Learn More

Dual-wall pipe with a corrugated outside for strength and a second smooth wall on the inside which allows for superb drainage flow. Learn More

Innovative, flexible dual-wall pipe produced in a range of sizes to meet a variety of needs. When compared to traditional dual-wall sticks, this solution requires less labor and time for installation. Learn More

High-quality pipe that has been engineered to perform optimally under harsh conditions. Comprised of polypropylene, ProCorr is produced with a stiffness greater than HDPE pipe. Learn More


Sourced from the highest-quality, 100% virgin resin, V-Series boasts exceptional deflection strength. Learn More

Comprised of premium recycled resin blends,
R-Series has been developed to perform like pure virgin resin in a wide variety of applications.
Learn More

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Anatomy of Fratco pipe.

Customizable Our lines are ready for your custom project.

Meeting Specs Our pipe meets all major design specs.

Sizes & Shapes Available in almost any size or quantity.

Polyolefin Plastics Our plastics are strong, durable and affordable.

Precision Corrugation Our corrugation and knife cuts are precise. No hanging chads!

Strength by Design Our team of engineers are experts at their craft.