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You need long-lasting solutions for drainage: that’s the simple truth. What shouldn’t be simple is how your pipe is constructed, the material it’s crafted from or the way it withstands the most unforgiving environments. You need pipe that will last, so choose the right product from the very beginning. Choose Fratco.

Our Pipe

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Single-wall pipe that offers durability and flexibility. With the widest range of sizes on the market, you’ll find the perfect fit for your project.

Single-wall, recycled pipe for less demanding projects, including recreational facilities and residential jobs.

Dual-wall pipe with a corrugated exterior for strength and a smooth interior wall for superb drainage flow.

Flexible, dual-wall pipe produced in a range of sizes to meet a variety of needs. Compared to traditional dual-wall sticks, this solution requires less labor and less installation time.

High-quality pipe engineered to perform optimally under harsh conditions. Made from polypropylene (HDPP), this pipe has a greater stiffness than HDPE pipe.

Our Materials

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Sourced from the highest quality virgin resin, Fratco’s V Series boasts exceptional deflection strength.


Made from premium recycled resin blends, R Series performs like pure virgin resin in a wide range of applications.

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