New Fratco Spaces & Places

As seen in the Tried & True Spring 2021 issue


When you work in manufacturing, adding extra sunshine into the day makes everything brighter. That was one of the ambitious goals Fratco brought to the design table when planning the new employee break room at its Francesville location. Wrapped in windows, the break room is warm and inviting with thoughtful touches throughout. New tables and chairs, a big-screen television, vending machines and a large refrigerator to store lunches are just a few of the amenities you’ll find.

More attentive details abound, including a computer station with a two-fold purpose. To change the dynamic of internet equity in rural areas, Fratco decided to make a difference. “We understand that not everyone has access to the internet at home,” comments Fratco’s Human Resources Team. “That’s why we decided it was important to install a computer in the break room.” It also provides access to Fratco’s online tools, such as the Employee Support Fund. “Providing an employee-specific computer breaks any barriers to accessing information or applying for financial assistance when our work-family needs it the most.”


The Wellness Center gives any fitness center a run for their money: 24-hour access for employees and their families, state-of-the-art elliptical machines, treadmills and rows of free-weights. New restrooms, complete with showers, make it easier for team members to hit the treadmill before work, jump on the elliptical during their lunch break or pump iron and then rinse off at the end of the day. Fratco employees agree, with one commenting, “Chris Overmyer, Bill Champion, Craig Douglas and the team who planned and executed this new area went above and beyond. Their commitment to and appreciation for their employees shines through in both of these new spaces. They knocked it out of the park.”