As seen in the Tried & True Fall 2022 issue

In the four years since he started at Fratco, Jose Requena has seen the pipe industry from three distinct perspectives. He first began at the plant in manufacturing, moved on to assisting with dispatch in the yard, then became an asset in the sales department. Now, his well-rounded experience in the Fratco supply chain allows him to serve customers’ needs on all fronts. 

“Since I first started here, I’ve seen the same customers coming back again and again. I’ve started forming relationships with them, and I love that I’m now in a position to help them from a big picture point-of-view.” 

From that point-of-view, it’s clear to Jose why he’s had the chance to create so many long-term bonds. “Customers keep choosing Fratco because we provide the highest quality product and the best customer service. It makes me proud to know I’m playing a role in a successful company that’s known for being the best.” 

But pride isn’t the only perk that Fratco employees experience, according to Jose. “Fratco’s benefits are incredible, and the feeling of being trusted and valued as an individual creates a great work environment.” 

Jose’s favorite aspect of that great work environment is the camaraderie among employees and the growth mindset they all share. “I enjoy connecting with my peers in the company. They always motivate me to become a more efficient employee. Everyone is always growing at Fratco. It’s a great feeling.” Indeed, Jose’s only regret is that he didn’t come work for Fratco sooner. 

A lot of companies treat their employees as cogs in the machine. At Fratco, you really feel respected as a person, not just as a worker.” 

Jose’s advice to anyone interested in joining the Fratco family? Go for it. “I’ve always told anyone wanting to apply for a job at Fratco that it’s a great choice for employment. They go the extra mile to make you feel appreciated and secure. As long as you’re a reliable person with a great work ethic, you’ll do well here and like it.”