As seen in the Tried & True Spring 2022 issue

Meeting with customers, attending trade shows and working conventions have kept Jade Crum busy. With only a few months under his belt, Crum is acclimating to his new Fratco sales position by jumping in at full speed: an immersive way to introduce oneself to the four generation-strong company’s top-tier placement in the pipe industry.

Helping clients solve drainage problems by offering Fratco solutions is one of the things that interested Crum the most when he accepted the job. The other? That Fratco is close to a huge milestone: 100 years in the business. “The fact that a family business is hitting this milestone is rare these days, and it’s definitely something worth celebrating,” says Crum.

Crum previously worked in what he deemed as more of a “Corporate America” position. The autonomy to run an assigned region like you would your own business was not one Crum had previously experienced. Fratco is different: they provide their people with the freedom to make instant decisions. “Sales Manager Craig Douglass encourages us to run our territories the way we see fit. That allows me and my fellow reps to be nimbler in the field and give customers the care they deserve without waiting for answers,” Crum says.

Crum is a testament to the family atmosphere Fratco embodies. In his short time with the company, he’s enjoyed getting to know his coworkers. “I feel connected to my coworkers. Everyone has been more than accommodating and open with me while encouraging me, anytime, to ask questions,” he shares. His new position has also helped him evolve professionally. “Before coming to Fratco, I worked for an agricultural chemical company. My growth here has come from working in a different ag segment, with a new set of customers and learning about the commercial side of drainage,” he shares.

The company’s direction for growth excites Crum, and he’s thrilled to work hard to make it happen. “We know Fratco is a key player in the ag sector. There’s an entire commercial market ready for us to tap into at a deeper level. Our willingness to diversify and drive growth is a testament to the level of trust Chris Overmyer has in his sales team—in me. It’s easy to get blinded when you’re successful, but we’re all working together to achieve the big picture for Fratco.”