As seen in the Tried & True Winter 2024 issue

Carrie’s history with Fratco began over a decade ago when she became the first woman on the Mount Pleasant production floor. After a brief departure to the medical field, she returned to Fratco when the call came from the Mount Pleasant front office. Since then, she has continued to be an integral part of the Fratco family.

Her journey at Fratco mirrors the company’s remarkable growth story. After rejoining the Mount Pleasant, Iowa plant nearly four years ago, she initially served there as an administrative assistant in logistics. In March 2023, she embraced a new role as the benefits coordinator for all four Fratco plants.

As a benefits coordinator, Carrie manages all aspects of healthcare, dental, vision and 401k plans for Fratco employees. With Fratco’s team growing faster than ever, she’s busier than ever but tackles her responsibilities with enthusiasm.

Carrie deeply appreciates the sense of family and genuine care within Fratco’s employee community. Over the years, she’s seen Fratco’s commitment to employees’ welfare evolve and expand.

“I think all the growth is amazing and we’ve grown so much. Since I was on the production floor here in Mount Pleasant and as a company–as a whole–I mean, we’ve been here a hundred years, so growth is exciting.

Fratco’s dedication to growth resonates with Carrie. She acknowledges the company’s investments in expansion, improved processes and employee well-being. As a benefits coordinator, her role aligns with Fratco’s holistic growth vision, ensuring employees receive comprehensive support in all facets of their lives.

Carrie expresses her gratitude to Fratco’s loyal customers, recognizing their trust in the company’s quality products. She understands that Fratco’s commitment to product excellence and exceptional customer service sets them apart. She noted that knowing customers trust not just Fratco products but Fratco staff as well, makes her proud to be part of the Fratco Family.

Carrie Carver’s journey at Fratco exemplifies dedication, adaptability and commitment to the company’s growth. Her passion for employee benefits, customer service and genuine care for colleagues align with Fratco’s core values. As the company continues to expand and invest in its future, Carrie remains an essential part of Fratco’s journey.