As seen in the Tried & True Fall 2023 issue

About to celebrate his one year “workiversary,” Austin Simanson, has felt like part of the Fratco family since the moment he was hired last summer.  He assumed he would feel like an outlier, like previous jobs he had, but little did he know, this job would be his dream job come true–not just because of the fulfilling work, but also because of the family-like culture and welcoming nature of his fellow employees.

At Fratco, Austin started as a one-ton truck driver. He loved delivering to customers and being able to interact with them, and quickly knew he wanted to do more. He wanted to learn more about the products that he was driving. After a few months of making deliveries, Austin made the move to his current job as yard operator–a role he loves even more than driving.

We don’t want our customers to come in and try and make our day. We want to make their day.

On any given day, Austin can be seen loading trailers, helping customers in person or on the phone, arranging shipments through other carriers, handling orders, pretty much whatever needs to get done, he’s willing to do it. 

Austin’s favorite part of working for Fratco is being able to help customers get the product they need to complete their projects. He says, “Work is always something to look forward to and it always feels good to know I have helped people at the end of the day.” Austin knows people choose Fratco because of our dedication and willingness to go out of our way, no matter what it takes. The customer will always be number one. 

He is constantly amazed about how well everyone at Fratco works together. From dispatch to the yard supervisor, from the shipping clerk to leadership, it doesn’t matter. Austin says, “We are one big team, and we all work together.” He knows that if anything came up in his personal or professional life, Fratco would be right there by his side to help him through it