Fratco is Growing: Shaping Success Together

Forklift vehicle picking up Fratco pipe
As seen in the Tried & True Winter 2024 issue

Thanks to loyal customers like you, Fratco has experienced remarkable growth. We’re extremely thankful for your trust. However, new growth always brings new challenges. Rest assured, we’re tackling these head-on.

Even though we’re growing and changing, we’re still delivering the excellence that our valued customers deserve. We want to explain why we’ve made these changes and share the positive impact they’re having.

Some of our changes include:

  • Improved Inventory Availability
  • Quicker Load Times
  • Enhanced Shipping Efficiency
  • Customer Shipment Tracking
  • Designated Account Managers
  • Dedicated Shipping Department
  • Larger Yard Teams
  • New Driver Training Program
  • Expanded Fleet of Trucks

At Fratco, we believe that improvement is a journey, not a destination. We’re excited about the continuous enhancements to our facilities and processes. We understand that change can be intimidating, and we appreciate your patience during this transition. It’s a dynamic and continually evolving system that we’re constantly evaluating and fine-tuning for success. These changes are all about increasing efficiency and bringing positive benefits to you and your customers, as we truly believe that change is necessary for the future success of Fratco and our customers.

We value your feedback and encourage you to reach out with any thoughts or questions. Together, we’ll keep growing and serving you better. Thank you once again for being part of the Fratco family.

-Your Fratco Team