Water Management Pros Gather for New Industry Expo

audience watching keynote speaker

The first-ever North American Conservation and Drainage Expo (NACADE) made its debut in January of this year. For three days, the Hyvee Hall convention center in Des Moines, Iowa was abuzz with experts from every corner of the sector—all of them eager to network over cutting-edge research, age-old experience and strong-willed opinions on the state of the water management industry.

Subjects ranging from drainage water recycling to wetlands restoration were presented by some of the sector’s most respected and accredited researchers, while spirited discussions were held in roundtable format over topics including best installation practices and how to maximize water management system efficiency.

Efficiency in general was a highlight of the show. Although this was NACADE’s maiden voyage, the convention proceeded smoothly thanks to the organizers’ good planning, preparation and oversight. Any hitches or hurdles that arose during the expo were quickly and carefully resolved. It was obvious to all in attendance that everyone involved in the expo’s creation truly had their hearts invested in the task.

Fratco applauds everything NACADE’s organizers accomplished. The company is also proud to have played a key part in the expo’s formation as a founding member sponsor. But perhaps more than anything else, the Fratco family is thrilled that an industry as critical as water management at last has a recurring trade show grounded in the virtues of sustainability, conservation and good ag business practices.