Rainfall, a vital component of nature’s cycle, is eagerly anticipated by growers worldwide. It’s the heartbeat of agriculture, quenching thirsty crops and nurturing soil. However, this natural gift can quickly turn into a challenge when it becomes excessive.

ADMC Corner with Keegan Kult

After successfully launching the Batch & Build program, a story featured in the fall issue of Tried & True, a similar program is also taking off in Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio. This program named, “Turn-Key,” is the same practice being implemented, “saturated buffers,” but with a more streamlined channel for project management and funding. The aforementioned states have incredible funding opportunities that could lead to up to 100% of cost share coverage.

Fratco is Growing: Shaping Success Together

Thanks to loyal customers like you, Fratco has experienced remarkable growth. We’re extremely thankful for your trust. However, new growth always brings new challenges. Rest assured, we’re tackling these head-on.

ASTM International: Setting the Standard for Excellence

In the world of manufacturing, construction and innovation, the importance of standards cannot be overstated. Especially here at Fratco, where we hold ourselves and our products to high standards of reliability and endurance. Standards are the invisible threads that bind industries together, ensuring that products are safe, reliable and consistent. Just like many household products you use everyday, Fratco products are no stranger in needing to meet standards. At the forefront of this standardization effort stands ASTM International–an organization dedicated to creating a global language of quality, safety and performance. Many of us have heard or referred to ASTM but we wanted to take the time for a deep dive into what ASTM is and how it functions.

Plant the Seed

In the world of construction and contracting, salesmanship isn’t just about moving products or winning projects; it’s about building trust, offering real value and forging lasting relationships.

Advancing Water Management for a Sustainable Future

Water is a precious resource vital for agricultural production and the overall health of our environment. As the demand for food grows and concerns about water quality and sustainability increase, it becomes crucial to find innovative solutions for responsible water management.

Navigating the Danger Zone

Braving the trenches for drainage solutions is no walk in the park. Let’s be real, it’s tough, gritty work, and there’s no sugar-coating it. Where there’s drainage, there are dangers. Buckle up for a gritty dive into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining safety in the trenches!

The Farm Bill

Barn with silo on hill

With agriculture making up a large portion of plastic drainage pipe business, it is no surprise that the Farm Bill is hot news right now in the plastic pipe industry, but according to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), 71% of American adults have never even heard of it despite the impact it has on their lives, from the grocery bill to tax hikes, the Farm bill has the ability to affect the budgets of every household.

The Voice of the Industry

Fratco pipe

The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) is a trade association that represents all the industries where plastic pipe is used. They are composed of many members that are involved in the drainage industry such as, plastic pipe manufacturers, companies that make the pipe manufacturing equipment, resin suppliers, gasket and fitting suppliers and research laboratories.