Meet Brandon Herron

Brandon headshot

Coworkers that feel more like family than business associates are a common theme among Fratco employees. Brandon Herron echoes that sentiment, proudly serving as the Mount Pleasant location’s plant manager.

Meet Willie Parish

Since 1987, Willie Parish has been part of the Fratco family. Recently promoted to Manufacturing Superintendent, Willie began where so many start their careers at the four-generation strong business. “What did I do previously?” he laughs, recalling all the stops along the way, “A little bit of everything.”

Meet Chad Nicholson

Chad Nicholson could be defined by many outstanding numbers. Nineteen years with Fratco. Three regions served. One unfailing passion for helping customers. But working at Fratco, Chad doesn’t feel like just a number— he feels like part of the family.

Meet Jackie Sanchez

If you ask Jackie Sanchez what she loves most about working at Fratco, there is no hesitation in her response: “Things are different around here every day. One day? Chaotic. The next? Quiet and calm. I like that,” Sanchez laughs.

Meet Cheryl Owens

After starting her career 28 years ago and now serving as the Francesville first-shift supervisor, few know Fratco as well as Cheryl Owens. Speaking of her time with the company, one word comes up over and over again: family.

Meet Stacie Baccam

Stacie Baccam headshot

Creating an efficient and productive workflow is a team effort and at Fratco, one important member plays a key role. Stacie Baccam is an operations manager at Fratco’s Mt. Pleasant, Iowa location and has fulfilled this role since September of 2011. While her job involves overseeing facility operations and making sure everything is running according to plan, Baccam sees her job as much more than that.

Meet Alan Kruszka

While Fratco’s sales team consists of people of all ages, Alan Kruszka is notably the oldest of the bunch, and he is not shy about pointing that out. The western sales rep is coming up on his ten-year work anniversary with Fratco, though his adventures in the drainage industry began 23 years ago.

Meet Dan Koebcke

If there is one thing that every person who grew up in Francesville, Indiana has in common, it is that they know Fratco. At least that is what Dan Koebcke, a yard supervisor at Fratco says. Koebcke, a Francesville native himself, has worked at Fratco for over 30 years. While he grew up with Steve Overmyer, the former CEO of Fratco, the opportunity to work there unexpectedly fell into his lap.

Fratco Welcomes Kiley Miller

We’re thrilled to be bringing aboard Kiley Miller to our sales team. Kiley is a Mt. Pleasant native and an Iowa Wesleyan University graduate. He will be based out of our Mt. Pleasant location to meet the needs of customers located along I-80 South in Iowa. We’re excited to see how he’ll help Fratco grow.