2021 Trends

Keep your eyes on these areas of agribusiness

Agriculture’s influence is global. Local and international growers and producers have a strong voice that sets the industry’s tone for the year. From career changes to choosing new crops to invest in, here are trends to keep an eye on in 2021.


Clock-punchers are leaving their 9-to-5 jobs for more meaningful careers, and ag will continue welcoming new employees and entrepreneurs into the fold. As established agribusiness owners—farmers and installers—begin eyeing retirement, this influx of industry newcomers fares well for both parties. Owners can mentor the next generation while workers gain both business and hands-on skills.


Less than half of all farms in the U.S. are categorized as large operations. Compared to 2020, experts predict a 9% jump in growth and income for small farms. This bottom-line increase may leave room for investment
in new equipment, land improvements—such as drainage—and more employees. Expanding business opportunities, like agritourism or new product production, are also on the rise, adding to end-of-year profits.


What’s the buzz? The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill legalized hemp as a viable crop, leaving nothing but opportunity when it comes to growing, selling and storing this booming crop. Needing less water and fewer pesticides to flourish than cotton, hemp fiber is a sustainable product to consider adding to growers’ portfolios. By 2025, hemp is expected to blossom into a $26.6B business, which can mean huge returns for Fratco contractors and their customers when it comes to additional field drainage.


When it comes to the advantages of tech, we have three highlights worth mentioning. Ag drones are here to stay: Their data is beneficial to farmers and installers who—literally—need to see the bigger picture out in the fields. Also, pinpointed weather forecasting is becoming increasingly more accurate, allowing better weather predictions locally so installs and harvests can beat the rain. Lastly, lightweight graphene is providing soil condition data to farmers relying on science to choose the best future crop for their soil conditions while monitoring current seedling growth.


If you’re not connected, you should be. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok help agribusinesses speak to their customer-base directly. Currently, 40% of all farmers are on Facebook, and they acknowledge that interacting on platforms connects people to their work’s importance and reaps marketing results. From posting videos of pipe installs to promoting a family farm day event, social media provides a look into farm and field life that many never see up close.


Agriculture uses 80% of all water in the United States. That’s why customers will continue installing pipe for long-term drainage solutions in tandem with water-saving practices. From creating eco-friendly water-routing systems to optimizing the time between planting and harvesting, Fratco knows agribusinesses are looking for ways to respect water sustainability while maintaining profitability. When customers are ready to put our pipe to work, we’re here to help!