Advancing Water Management for a Sustainable Future

Water is a precious resource vital for agricultural production and the overall health of our environment. As the demand for food grows and concerns about water quality and sustainability increase, it becomes crucial to find innovative solutions for responsible water management.

Tapping Into Innovation

Central Plastics Inc. is a remarkable success story in the drainage industry. We talked with Curt Yoder, co-founder of Central Plastics Inc., to get the scoop on how they partner with Fratco in Illinois to bring the best quality products to the people who need them most. Founded in 2011 in Arcola, Illinois, Central Plastics Inc. has steadily grown into a trusted distributor of high-quality drainage products, primarily supplied by Fratco, a leading manufacturer in the field.

Navigating the Danger Zone

Braving the trenches for drainage solutions is no walk in the park. Let’s be real, it’s tough, gritty work, and there’s no sugar-coating it. Where there’s drainage, there are dangers. Buckle up for a gritty dive into the challenges and triumphs of maintaining safety in the trenches!

Meet Austin Simanson

About to celebrate his one year “workiversary,” Austin Simanson, has felt like part of the Fratco family since the moment he was hired last summer.  He assumed he would feel like an outlier, like previous jobs he had, but little did he know, this job would be his dream job come true–not just because of the fulfilling work, but also because of the family-like culture and welcoming nature of his fellow employees.

The Farm Bill

Barn with silo on hill

With agriculture making up a large portion of plastic drainage pipe business, it is no surprise that the Farm Bill is hot news right now in the plastic pipe industry, but according to the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF), 71% of American adults have never even heard of it despite the impact it has on their lives, from the grocery bill to tax hikes, the Farm bill has the ability to affect the budgets of every household.

Pullins Drainage and Excavating, LLC


Over six decades ago, a 25 year old David Pullins took a chance and started Pullins Drainage and Excavation, LLC. The business succeeded and it wasn’t long before David’s son, Paul, got involved and eventually took over at the helm. Today, David’s grandsons Sam and John play an integral role in the business David started way back in 1958. At 90 years old, David still finds a way to watch the boys and throw in his two cents. Celebrating their 65th year of operation, Pullins Drainage and Excavation is proud to partner with Fratco.

The Voice of the Industry

Fratco pipe

The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) is a trade association that represents all the industries where plastic pipe is used. They are composed of many members that are involved in the drainage industry such as, plastic pipe manufacturers, companies that make the pipe manufacturing equipment, resin suppliers, gasket and fitting suppliers and research laboratories.

Meet Stephen Cole

Stephen Cole

Starting out as a single guy working in the yard getting customers loaded, Stephen feels like Fratco has been there every step of his growth. He is married with two children and now carries the title of Plant Manager at the St. Anne, Illinois location. Stephen humbly accepted the position never thinking he would make it that far up in the company.

Meet Jerry Weiland

Jerry Weiland

Fratco always has an eye on the horizon for what’s next, and one person on the front lines of the company’s careful expansion is Jerry Weiland: a Fratco sales rep of two years serving customers across the country from North Dakota to Texas.

The Supply Chain Explained

From natural resources drawn out of the earth to highly engineered drainage buried underground, the supply chain acts as the circle of life for products like Fratco pipe. Let’s take a closer look at how the system of global supply actually works, where it all began and why it might be changing in the not-so-distant future.