Rainfall, a vital component of nature’s cycle, is eagerly anticipated by growers worldwide. It’s the heartbeat of agriculture, quenching thirsty crops and nurturing soil. However, this natural gift can quickly turn into a challenge when it becomes excessive.

Meet Mark Richardson

Back in January 2018, Mark Richardson started his journey with Fratco, coming from an impressive 30-year stint in the automotive industry. But it wasn’t just a switch of jobs for Mark; it was the beginning of a new chapter in a career marked by constant growth and learning.

ADMC Corner with Keegan Kult

After successfully launching the Batch & Build program, a story featured in the fall issue of Tried & True, a similar program is also taking off in Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio. This program named, “Turn-Key,” is the same practice being implemented, “saturated buffers,” but with a more streamlined channel for project management and funding. The aforementioned states have incredible funding opportunities that could lead to up to 100% of cost share coverage.

Beyond Pipe & Profit

Drainage Solutions, Inc., a long-time partner of Fratco, is a remarkable drainage systems and solutions distribution company that has not only weathered the storms of time but also emerged stronger with each challenge.

Fratco is Growing: Shaping Success Together

Thanks to loyal customers like you, Fratco has experienced remarkable growth. We’re extremely thankful for your trust. However, new growth always brings new challenges. Rest assured, we’re tackling these head-on.

Field Journal: Fuel Your Day Right

Out in the field, on a construction site or traveling between jobs, there’s nothing quite like a warm meal to fuel your day. Sometimes cold sandwiches or paying for fast food just doesn’t cut it. Remember the thermos of hot food mom used to send you to school with? A thermos can be a game-changer if you’re looking for hot lunches no matter where you are, especially during those long days out in a cold, windy field.

ASTM International: Setting the Standard for Excellence

In the world of manufacturing, construction and innovation, the importance of standards cannot be overstated. Especially here at Fratco, where we hold ourselves and our products to high standards of reliability and endurance. Standards are the invisible threads that bind industries together, ensuring that products are safe, reliable and consistent. Just like many household products you use everyday, Fratco products are no stranger in needing to meet standards. At the forefront of this standardization effort stands ASTM International–an organization dedicated to creating a global language of quality, safety and performance. Many of us have heard or referred to ASTM but we wanted to take the time for a deep dive into what ASTM is and how it functions.

Plant the Seed

In the world of construction and contracting, salesmanship isn’t just about moving products or winning projects; it’s about building trust, offering real value and forging lasting relationships.

Meet Carrie Carver

Carrie’s history with Fratco began over a decade ago when she became the first woman on the Mount Pleasant production floor. After a brief departure to the medical field, she returned to Fratco when the call came from the Mount Pleasant front office. Since then, she has continued to be an integral part of the Fratco family.