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We’ve been producing the highest quality pipe for 100 years now, and we’re just getting started.

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Over the last century, Fratco has consistently produced quality drainage products while providing outstanding customer service. Whenever you call, we’ll answer, and whatever you need, we’ll deliver.

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Fratco agricultural products are the right choice for your operation and the environment.

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Fratco commercial products are designed and tested to meet or exceed all major building specifications.

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Fratco residential products are sure to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood and your basement dry as a bone.

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From specialty drainage fittings to completely new inventions, Fratco can make your project possible with our custom solutions.

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As a leading manufacturer of HDPE and HDPP corrugated pipe, we know a thing or two about delivering high quality products that consistently outperform the competition. Whether it’s a roll of single-wall pipe or customized fittings, Fratco will deliver.


Fratco’s team members make all the difference. Whether it’s double checking their work to ensure products are just right or answering that early morning phone call from a customer, Team Fratco is full of dedicated people with strong work ethics and an eye for detail.

Tried & True

From new machinery updates to announcements, to team member and customer highlights and stories that made us who we are today. Tried & True gives you a behind the scenes look at our history of innovation, our current strides toward advancement and our future aspirations.

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We don’t just talk about the days of clay tile and local kilns. We were there. Through the years, Fratco has grown and adapted with the industry, and we plan to do just that for another 100 years. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.