For nearly a century, Fratco has been your drainage material providers. We don’t just talk about the days of clay tile and local kilns in every county… we were there. As those local providers fell victim to new materials, new forces, and new methods, Fratco has grown and adapted.

First to plastics. First to recycled materials. First to zero-waste. Fratco has managed not just to survive amongst massive competitors; our dedication to craftsmanship and quality have put us out front and made our size our greatest threat.


A Fratco forefather once said: “Price, quality, and service… Pick two.” While we certainly don’t ignore price, we put quality and service above all else. With continuing education and collective decades of knowledge under our belts, we can solve any drainage problem you encounter.

Our engineers and quality techs will help you select and size your pipe. The quality lab rigorously tests those materials each day… and, as we display boldly on the walls of our facilities: “If it isn’t perfect. It doesn’t ship!”


Chris Overmyer

President, CEO

A fourth generation of Fratco leadership, Chris has been a part of the Fratco family longer than he can remember. His leadership, attention to detail, and deft approach to materials pricing has ushered in a new era of success at Fratco.

Bill Champion


A strong background in finance and risk management means Bill Champion understands the importance of maintaining specs above the competition and ensuring a strong ROI for the loyal customers of Fratco.

Craig Douglass

Sales Manager

Craig serves as a leader in steering Fratco’s growing sales department to focus on relationships, agility, and relentless customer service. Through his management, Craig has built a more nimble, more responsive sales team.